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Our Featured Projects.

Mr. Rao's Home

Mr. Rao's home is a lavish five bedroom bungalow with a contemporary elevation. the site had enough black basalt that we used in various features of the elevation. The planning of the house is simple, elegant and provides absolute privacy.

Alt2 - 3D View - 3D View 2.jpg
Joshi's Dream House

Mr Joshi's dream home has a concept of stairs to the stars which becomes more evident from the plan. While enjoying hot tea in the gazebo of the garden, one can look at the blue skies captured by the titanic balcony inside the house. The overall plan is compact yet spacious.

House of views

‘House of views’ is a small holiday home located in Mulshi. The inspiration for this house comes from its beautiful site and surrounding elements which includes a stream of water and hills. The concept behind this house is that each room is oriented in a way that the openings capture a view of nature outside. Each room captures a different view and hence offers a different experience. In all house of views is not only a project but also a place full of experiences that constantly keep changing. The restrictions of area and height made it essential to design a ground floor structure with intermingling open spaces.



alternative3 - 3D View - 3D View 5.jpg
Project no.4

The House at Bhor is the smallest house that we have designed. The aim was to design a small cozy contemporary holiday home that responds to the site profile and uses local materials and building techniques. The key idea was to keep it simple and provide spaces that link indoors and outdoor.


belgaum  - 3D View - 3D View 66.jpg
Institution at Belgaum

College of engineering and technology is a project located in Belgaum. Our client ‘Bharatesh Education Trust’ appointed us for IGBC Leed Certification for this project. Our involvement in this project is since the beginning of this project. Ecour studio has provided guidance and feedback at different stages throughout this project to make it sustainable. Daylight, ventilation, sustainable materials use and efficient landscape are some of the extraordinary features of this project. Total area of this project is 25000 sqmt. 

new 182015 - 3D View - 3D View 34.jpg
Ward Office

The Wadgaon Sheri ward office proposal is based on three key considerations for the space- “consideration for people working there, consideration for people visiting the place and finally consideration for people living around the place”. These three considerations were crucial, it being a public building. Under each consideration there are key aspects to be achieved 1)Considerations for people working there- Welcoming + Interactive Environment Organized Open + private Well lit and ventilated 2)Considerations for people visiting the place-  Welcoming and accessible to all + Interactive Environment Easy to approach + Comfortable Spaces to relax/wait etc. 3)Considerations for people living around- Circulation (people and vehicle)+ Existence of ward Privacy The  aim is to design so as to respond to the micro       climate and existing vegetation on the site. The orientation, design of elevations, fenestration etc all respond to the micro climate. The interior spaces aim to borrow maximum natural light and provide good ventilation. Also waiting areas are designed in such a way that they get maximum benefit of views of garden outside.



Windows of Opportunity

Window Awnings

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